PHAGECON is a Portuguese company dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, formed by national capital, founded in January 2006.

Driven by the growing demand of the pharmaceutical industry requirements, PHAGECON emerges as a strategic partner, with a high level of technical and scientific expertise. Currently PHAGECON develops activities at national and international level, supporting strategically various companies.

Given the dynamic, competitive and highly regulated environment of the pharmaceutical industry, we base our activity in fundamental principles, internalized and practiced by the whole team: Quality, Confidentiality, Excellence, Efficiency and Professionalism.

Our vision for the future is to build a solid company with a worldwide presence and recognized for its expertise based on the daily fulfilment of our mission, contributing to the success of the pharmaceutical industry, providing you the solution you seek, with innovative approachespersonalized services, and with a qualified body with great knowledge which ensures high quality services.


  In order to be able to offer flexible solutions, adapted to the reality of the clients, ensuring the compliance of the objectives and the expected results, we focus our energies in the following priorities:

  • Focus on the client: know the clients' needs and expectations, pursuing the development of tailored services to each client, always ensuring confidentiality of any information;
  • Competitiveness: offer a robust, diversified and updated portfolio in accordance with the needs of the sector, also seeking innovation and anticipation of future needs;
  • Excellence: offer quality services through the experience and integrated knowledge of legal and standard requirements, promoting professionalism and orientation for the results;
  • Improvement: continuously promote high quality standards and efficiency of the provided services.

  To contribute to the success of the pharmaceutical sector in all aspects, providing excellence services, with innovative approaches, based on the updated and integrated experience and knowledge of the sector.


  To be a reference company In the area of pharmaceutical consultancy, financially strong, nationally and internationally recognised by clients, employees and suppliers, as a strategic partner:

  • Financial Strength
  • Global Deployment
  • Recognition for the competency

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